Client My Dromos - Dzone Lifestyles
Production Date Jan 2018
Used Skills Wordpress, Php, HTML5, CSS3
Categories eCommerce, Project

Latest development in Bluetooth technology has broadened the horizon of applications. This is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth 4.0) which requires very low power to operate. BLE devices can be powered with button cells for months, hence it is possible to produce compact yet powerful devices.

Once the devices are paired with your mobile phone through a highly secured dedicated application you are good to go. Your phone will alert you when you get separated from your tagged belongings. You can even find your phone with these devices. There are devices which lets you do lot more than just tracking your stuffs.

BLE devices comes in the size of small tag and is such a wonderful device for tracking your stuffs, like hand bag, keys, camera, pets etc.


Just attach Dromos BLE device with your important things. Now you can easily find them with your phone. You can even locate your phone with Dromos BLE device!


Now, taking selfie is easier! Select the camera on your phone and click, all with Dromos BLE device. You are sure to get every frame right.


Just a ‘double’ press of button on Dromos BLE device will quietly send emergency alert (SOS) through paired mobile phone. You need not even take your phone out. An excellent device for people in distress.


Track your lost Phone/Keys/Wallets


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